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About us - The Bouwcarrousel company

Bouwcarrousel BV is a unique organisation offering a deconstruction-service, a labour-generating service (setting up repair and revision workshops) and a trading organisation of revised building materials. The company is specialised in demounting building products and materials as well as installation components which can be re-used. The components are shipped to the central warehouse, cleaned, revised and sold again.

All products originate from Dutch houses and most renowned brands are available, such as Bruynzeel (kitchens), Sphinx (ceramics), Fasto (gas heaters), Grohe (taps) and Axa (fastenings).

Bouwcarrousel distinguishes itself from deconstruction companies and traders in used building materials by:

  • cleaning and revising of the materials
  • quality standards
  • a full registration of stock
  • a thorough sorting of products

Bouwcarrousel also performs consultancy studies in the fields of durable construction, durable demolition, and recycling of waste, for national and regional governments, city councils, housing organisations and architects.

Bouwcarrousel also develops and designs ecological housing concepts that are cheap (capital extensive) and labour-intensive.
The activities of Bouwcarrousel generate several advantages:

  • Life time of building materials increases
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cheap building materials (but of a good quality)
  • Less waste after demolition
  • Less need for raw materials
  • Less costs for demolition or waste processing
  • Employment generating (satisfying jobs for the low-educated)

Assortment. The main products offered by Bouwcarrousel are:

  • Doors
  • Window frames
  • Sanitary equipment, such as sinks, toilets, taps, showers, baths, cisterns, etcetera
  • Heating installations, such as radiators, gas heaters, warm water installations, boilers
  • Kitchens
  • Electrical components, like earthings, switches, lights
  • Stair cases
  • Floor parts
  • Components for office design: System ceilings, system separation walls

The stock is registered in a database, so information about what is available at any moment is kept up-to-date.

Products can be supplied in four quality levels:

  • Non-processed or cleaned in bulk in seacontainer (cheapest option), products need to be cleaned and sometimes repaired and completed
  • Checked, completed and briefly cleaned (middle option, still rather cheap)
  • Checked, thoroughly revised, completed and cleaned, all vulnerable parts replaced if necessary
  • Special, custom-made deliveries

The customers of Bouwcarrousel can be located mainly in the following groups:

  • Building maintenance companies
  • Housing associations
  • Contractors (building, maintenance)
  • DIY / private customers
  • Installation companies
  • Wholesale and retail companies for used building materials
  • Traders in all kinds of used materials
  • Workshops with free capacity with distribution potential

Other partners in business of Bouwcarrousel could be:

  • Associations of customers
  • Tourism sector
  • Transportation companies
  • A city council, willing to set up both an employment project and a housing improvement project (relevant where many houses are in poor condition and there's a high rate of unemployment)

Bouwcarrousel currently exports to:

  • Rumania
  • Hungary
  • Poland
  • Czech Republic
  • South-America (Surinam Republic)

Bouwcarrousel has been awarded bij the Dutch people in 2000 as an initiative which contributes to a better & sustainable future for everyone.

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